The Case for Outplacement: How losing a job can benefit one’s career and life

Sep 15, 2021
For most people, talking about outplacement immediately conjures up scenes from the infamous movie Up in the Air, where George Clooney character is hired by emotionless and cowardly executives to do their “dirty work” for them: fire employees. Although he is struggling with his approach, full of clichés and banalities, the messages are spot on: Someone loses their job and it’s the end of the world, but in reality, the period between jobs can be a time of growth and renewal—a time to make a new beginning. This in itself may be anxiety producing and stressful yet extremely rewarding.

Restructuring. Optimizing. Downsizing. In today’s ever-changing world of business, these are probably some of the scariest words for employees. For they are just politically correct ways of saying: the company is laying off. And it might be any of us.

The strongest feeling here is the fear and threat to their job security – the guarantee that they will keep the same job. However, job security has been under attack for years now. There are less and less employees who still believe in “one job for lifetime” or better still: “one company for lifetime”. Nowadays, more focus is put on ability to work, becoming independent from a single job role by being able to flexibly apply professional skills and knowledge in new areas.

In good times, companies and individuals benefit from improving skills and knowledges through talent and development programs. In lesser times, both can still make the best of the bad situation even if their paths diverge. Outplacement could be the answer.

HEADS ADRIATIC  Consultants have been involved in career transition programs for a long time now. Our approach is emphasizing the human aspect of this difficult moment in organization’s life by offering support for coping with career disruptions, assuring systematic, constructive job searching, and increase attractive job leads. We provide practical assistance to help program participants gain the contemporary skills they need to move into ongoing employment. We offer guidance needed to secure a new role in a highly competitive job market, based on existing or newly developed skills and competencies. Through weekly coaching sessions our tailored career assistance increases confidence and motivation; gives participants a clear understanding of available job opportunities in the local market and support them to tailor applications and reach relevant hiring managers according to their experience and competencies. The feedback from participants is positive and encouraging: one emerges with increased self-knowledge, fresh career perspectives, and redefined priorities.

Our program:

  • Equips individuals with the confidence and skills to manage change effectively through a working alliance with a dedicated career coach
  • Assists individuals in understanding their transferable skills, interests, and drivers
  • Leverages the strategic self-awareness gained through a coaching process with dedicated Consultant
  • Provides coaching on how to approach networking, interviewing, and job opportunities
  • Supports individuals to successfully obtain a new role or achieve an alternative outcome, matched to their needs and interests

Simultaneously, we create value for the Employer in these challenging situations: deciding to provide professional guidance to someone towards their next step is a great way to maintain a positive relationship that can create business opportunities in the future. When you part on good terms, that person is much more likely to stay an ambassador even if they don’t work for you anymore. Outplacement is not just a sign of goodwill for the person who’s leaving. It’s reassuring for the people who are staying behind to see that the company takes responsibility as an employer even when it’s hard.

Author: Svetlana Mirković Borčić, People and Culture Manager

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