Attract and retain the right
and that cherry-picked talent with us!

Since business leaders know that talent is valuable and hard to find they rely on talent acquisition strategies delivered by the right partners, like Heads Talent Solutions.

Outstanding leaders and professionals drive business performance. We provide our Clients with the insight they need to make the right decisions about who they hire, how to develop and promote. Backed by a proven portfolio of services our consultants bring hands-on experience, but also strong industry, functional and regional expertise.

Talent Acquisition

Top-notch talent recruitment needs both time and expertise. We at Heads offer strategic solutions that maximize your effectiveness during recruiting processes providing you with the access to our widespread talent community and pledging all our forcefulness toward achieving your goals.

We successfully track and select candidates for different hierarchical levels from specialist positions to all ranks of top management in all disciplines and within different industries, from pharmaceutical and construction, FMCG, telecommunications, manufacturing, to professional services and finance.

Combining deep industry and functional knowledge with a systematic direct search and assessment process we help you find the talent that best fits your organization’s unique needs. Our goal is to be true advisers to our clients during all phases of doing our best to exceed their expectations.

Talent & Market Mapping

Understanding your competitive landscape and the talent map is critical for every organization, ensuring you find best-fit employees when you need them.

Providing Market Mapping solutions that assist clients to understand the competitive environment they operate in, we produce a complete map of the talent available – both passive and active. With this market insight, giving information on your competitors, their structure, key performers, and geographies, the knowledge and insight we can give you is a critical competitive advantage distinguishing talent with niche skills which are very hard to find.

We offer a tailored service which is a cost-effective way of assessing markets and skills without having to conduct a full search or recruitment process. Market Mapping can help you evaluate any recognized or actual skills shortage and provide your company with the basis for a full talent search. Talent & Market Mapping will help you to find employees and identify the talent to target in a full recruitment process.

Mapping out your pools of talent and targeting potentially desirable candidates in advance can help to focus your team on the right search criteria and a fast placement in the future.

Competency Assessment

Profile your workforce and find your talents. Pinpoint champs for retention and further programs. Create talent passages for leadership.

The key to Competency Assessment is assessing people through their knowledge and skills in and out of a job situation. Every job requires a specific set of knowledge and skills. The more complexity of a specific job, the wider the variety of competencies. Competency Assessment is all about providing the way of evaluating and building the skills and knowledge people need to perform in their current job. It is also the key element for further planning processes and the right way of developing people for their future roles.

This service provides a complete scope of an employee’s strengths and potential. Our comprehensive approach to Competency Assessment combines multiple methods to evaluate the individual’s ability to perform, fit and make an enduring impact on the given role.

We offer a comprehensive assessment providing in-depth data and analysis to support selection decisions as part of external recruitment processes or as a systematic approach to defining training and development plans for internal employees.

Competency Assessment presents an effective means to:

  • Talent Mapping
  • acknowledging the satisfactory and exemplary performance
  • targeting performance deficits
  • highlighting skills that require additional training or practice
  • efficient succession planning

Outplacement Services

Redundancy is often an emotional experience for both employees and employers.

By offering Outplacement Services we provide an effective method for smoothly transitioning employees from your organization. Heads Consultants provide for well-ordered employees departure, with professional support by giving them new opportunities and challenging them with new job positions.

Our Outplacement Program offers one-on-one consultant to participant outplacement consultations, guaranteeing a personalized approach. Our approach to Outplacement Services not only addresses the needs of the organization but also the employees at various levels. Our professional services are caring, so the impacted individuals receive a program completely tailored to their needs, and assisted by a dedicated career coach.

The Program:

  • equips individuals with the confidence and skills to manage change effectively
  • assists individuals to understand their transferable skills, interests, and drivers
  • provides coaching on how to approach networking, interviewing, and job selection
  • supports individuals to successfully obtain a new role or achieve an alternative outcome, matched to their needs and interests