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How we work?
results that matter…

At Heads Adriatic, our human-centered approach to leadership development delivers results that matter.

We go the extra mile to find out what you and your organization are all about by using high-quality questions and diagnostic tools.

Then, we help your people achieve transformational and lasting change in their day-to-day effectiveness with a combination of innovative tools, assessments, experiential learning, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and coaching.

What will really make
a difference in your

As facilitators, trainers, and coaches we work with the greatest treasure of this planet: we work with people.

Let us make this work even more humane.

We offer capability programs that deliver insights, knowledge, and skills necessary to thrive. Our programs are flexible, practical, and actionable, with an emphasis on immediate application and long-term, behavior change.


New leadership, agility, and constant change


Personal effectiveness in communication and conflict management


Team Performance and Collaboration


Stress management, resilience and wellbeing


Questions Creative Dialogues, Storytelling, Whole Brain, Digital Marketing, Train the Trainer


Culture &
Psychological safety

Our team consists of numerous
senior business consultants with
many years of experience, basic
knowledge, and solid sector

Our trainers and coaches are certified in a variety of methodologies. This results in a range of methods from cognitive-behavioral, solution-oriented approaches, to co-active techniques and coaching.

We integrate the timeless principles of behavioral science with deep business experience to drive performance and sustained behavioral change.

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Capability Programs

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Work with our Leadership Coach to
develop your leadership
skills and mindsets.

Our holistic approach to coaching focuses on how leaders think, make decisions, manage their emotions and energy, access their intuition, stay focused and reduce self sabotaging habits that undermine their performance.

We leverage a systematic four-stage process for achieving sustained behavioral change.