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As a regional HR company operating in the Adriatic countries we bring solutions and capabilities to the people side of business.

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For us the quality of communication comes first as we are paying attention to the dialogue, mutual goals and outcomes.

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Remote leadership for remote jobs

Situational Leadership: The Further We Are, The Closer We Get (Remote Leadership)

Being a successful/effective leader in a virtual environment requires awareness of the changing dynamics of relationships that affect the work environment and learning how to adapt your behavior to new…
Real (resilience, Empathy, Agility, Love) Concept

Career Opportunities: How losing a job can benefit one’s career and life

For most people, talking about outplacement immediately conjures up scenes from the infamous movie Up in the Air, where George Clooney character is hired by emotionless and cowardly executives to…
Together Main

Teamwork: Why no one can whistle a symphony alone?

Nobody can argue anymore that we are living in the interesting times, according to the ancient curse. However, it is reassuring to know that some things do stay the same.