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Organizational Development: The Key to Your Organization’s Longevity and Progress

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April 24, 2024

In a world that never slows down, only change is there to stay. How effectively does your organization adapt to this never ending evolution? Are you prepared to transform challenges into opportunities?

What exactly is Organizational Development?

Organizational development integrates insights from psychology, sociology, management, and various other disciplines, offering a humane, in-depth, and sustainable approach to change. Whether it’s for scaling a startup or reshaping a multinational corporation, organizational development consultants involve senior management and relevant groups in a collaborative process that not only taps into the collective knowledge and energy of these groups but also views the organization as an open system – constantly interacting with, adapting to, and learning from its environment.



Why prioritize Organizational Development?


Adaptability to change 

Imagine an organization that not only swiftly adjusts to new technologies and market shifts but also anticipates them. Organizational development increases the capacity for adaptability and proactivity – much like a chess player thinking several moves ahead, your organization can learn to “play the game” at a higher level.

Creating a healthy work environment and boosting internal capabilities

Through organizational development, you can cultivate a dynamic team that not only operates effectively within existing frameworks but continually strives for improvement and innovation. Such teams, actively involved in shaping their organization, show greater loyalty, satisfaction, productivity…

Boosting efficiency and productivity

Organizational development is more than major strategic initiatives; it’s also about subtle adjustments that can significantly reduce costs and improve workflows  – from restructuring teams to introducing new technologies for better project management.


What do successful companies have in common?


Successful companies, regardless of their unique visions, have some leadership traits in common:

  • A profound understanding of organizational development principles for sustainable success
  • The ability to analyze the current organizational state and identify areas for improvement
  • Proficiency in deploying initiatives to create and implement organizational changes
  • Leadership skills that motivate employees to engage in change and the ability to facilitate such engagement
  • Continuous planning for organizational development


That’s why these principles are at the core of our 4-day “Organizational Development” training, designed and delivered by Ivana Nason, an experienced expert in human resources management and organizational development. This program isn’t just a course—it’s a shift in how you view, lead, and nurture your organization.

What to expect from the Organizational Development (OD) training


The program aims to equip participants with the fundamental concepts and tools for organizational development, preparing them to lead meaningful change and position themselves as OD business partners.


Day 1)

Understanding the organization as a “Living System”

On the first day, you’ll learn to view your organization as a whole, identifying key dynamics and polarities that influence it. Through interactive exercises, you will put theory into practice, developing skills necessary for effective group facilitation.


Day 2)

The role and tools of an Organizational Development consultant

The second day is dedicated to understanding the OD role and tools you can use; you will learn how to assess the current state of the organization and how to create effective plans for implementing changes.


Days 3) and 4) 

Facilitation and Practical Application

After a brief summer break, the third day focuses on facilitating group work, understanding group dynamics, and unleashing your organization’s creative energy to adequately lead organizational change. Day four is dedicated to practical exercises, intervention examples, and collaborative design solutions for real organizational challenges. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and prepare for future situations.

Who should attend?

The “Organizational Development” program is designed for managers, project leaders, HR professionals, and all professionals involved in processes of growth and change. If you want to be an OD business partner when setting and implementing business strategy, to advise your colleagues on what is necessary to happen along the way, and to be ready to jump into action as a change facilitator whenever needed, and thus make your organization more innovative, adaptable, and capable of facing today’s challenges, this training is for you.


About Ivana Nason, designer and facilitator of “Organizational Development” training

Ivana Nason

“I carry organizational development in my DNA,” says Ivana Nason, who initially pursued her career as a medical doctor before transitioning to human resource management and organizational development. She was responsible for human resources management in four different industries across multiple countries. Her knowledge and experience in human resources management, group dynamics, facilitation, and organizational development have been incorporated into this comprehensive program – now available to a broader audience.

Ready to steer your organization toward enduring success? Join us on this transformative journey to enhance your leadership and change management capabilities.

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